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A screenshot of upsilon-mobileWeb. The app reduces the visual clutter by showing only services that are not in a good state. The gray services in this picture are "skipped", but highlighted in the wrong color due to a minor bug.

Upsilon Mobile Web is a simple web view of upsilon-web for Android devices.


  • Android phone, running an API version 17 or above (Android 4.2, 4.2.2).
  • Installed, working version of upsilon-web

upsilon-web setup for upsilon-mobileWeb

  • Hover over your username, go to "API Clients".
  • Go to "Create API Client", create one using a simple name in the idenfier field.
  • The API Client that you just created will be shown in the API Clients list. Click the update link.
  • On the settings page for the API Client;
    • Anonymous Login: Yes
    • Redirect: Mobile (stats only)

Leave all other options as default.


Download the .apk file from the releases page. You might have to enable installation of unsigned packages in your settings.

upsilon-mobileWeb Setup

When prompted, enter your mobile-web Server URL and API Client identifier.