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What does Upsilon do better than $competitor?

Please see the competitors page.

Who develops Upsilon?/How do I get in contact?

There are several ways, we would perfer;

However, the community at the time of writing is small, so feel free to contact one of the developers.

Where can I raise issues?

Please raise all issues against the GitHub issue tracker: https://github.com/jamesread/upsilon/issues

Do I need Java?

Java is needed to run upsilon-node, but this can often be a light version othe JRE, like -headless on Debian. No browser plugins are needed. Java VM support is a little limited at the moment, please see JRE for more info.

Do you have a script to do X?

See the checks category for a list of checks that have been defined in the past, or the Service API if you would like to write your own.