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A design goal of Upsilon was to make it possible to setup a node with configuration, and perfrom most of the analitics/business related fluff from the web interface. In order to do this, it is necessary to associate "metadata" with a service. To do this, click on a service in the interface, and click on "update service metadata".

  • Alias - Rename the service wthin the web interface - give it a more friendly name.
  • Actions - Associate web links with the service. For example, for email, you might want a link to launch your webmail. Enter 1 link on each line, like google=
  • Metrics - That you would like to pull out of the service output for graphing. Supports both upsilon JSON api metrics, and some nagios metrics like ms|rta for ping
  • Default metric - The metric that is shown on the service detail graph by default.
  • Icon - A pretty icon to assocate with the service check.
  • Has tasks - Marks the service as including tasks in it's output. Example services that use this include astrid
  • Has events - Marks the service as including events in it's output. Example services that use this inclue ical
  • Result casting options - Cast (relabel) the real status of the service to something else, when critical or bad.
  • Physical options - When showing the service on a physical map, where to place it.